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  "Sweden's official web site for information about Sweden to the outside world. It is a portal site offering a joint platform for organizations with overall responsibility for providing information about Sweden abroad."
Visit Sweden   The official Swedish website for tourism welcomes you to the beginning of a great adventure!  
Don'ts   The Don’ts of Sweden: Sweden Tips for Travelers as seen by Wolters World.  
Time   Current local time in Stockholm (and in all of Sweden) Plus a little more.  
Calendar   The Swedish calendar with Holidays and Observances.  
Facts   Facts about Sweden in CIA World Factbook.  
Statistics   Statistics Sweden is responsible for official statistics and for other government statistics. Find interesting facts here!  
Our monarchy   The monarchy in Sweden  
Swedishness   How are we Swedes? From a Swedish comedy series.  
Homesick   A shop for the home sick Swede living abroad.  
Super model   Sweden: A Supermodel for America? Look at this tv feature.  
Webcams   What does it look like in Sweden now? Check it out!
360 degrees   Amazing panoramas from Sweden.
Sweden blogs   Sweden Blogs and Travel Journals
Lonely planet   Lonely Planet guide on Sweden  
Where?   Looking for a phonenumber or address in Sweden? Try here: name, phonenumber, a company, the place or address as far as you know.  
Where ll   Same but different.  
News   What´s going on in the north? Want to be updated on the top of the news from Sweden? Radio Sweden International is the multilingual World Service of Sveriges Radio. Choose your language and see what´s happening in this part of the world,  
Newbieguide   New in Sweden? Does everything seem a bit confusing? Here at the NEWBIE GUIDE they help you make sense of everything new.  
Everything   Everything Sweden: Daniel Reed, originally from the UK moved to Sweden about 2 years ago has built Everything Sweden to offer other expats the information he wish he had when he moved to Sweden, like how to get a personummer as well as tips that no-one else will tell you like “the S1 form is not the right one…you need this instead”.  
The Local   Sweden's news in English and other stuff.  
Migration board   The Swedish Migration Board. Facts in a lot of different languages.  
Work is aimed mainly at non-EU/EEA citizens interested in working in Sweden for at least one year.  
The Swedish Institute   "spreading knowledge, connecting people, making Sweden visible!" Look for instance at the information about Swedish language studies.  
Studyabroad   dot com. Language Study Abroad: In Sweden  
Study in Sweden   Study in Sweden Course & programme search.  
University   Learn Swedish as a Foreign Language at Stockholm University, Beginner's Level- on condition that you are admitted to studies through an exchange programme or an equivalent agreement (scholarship, doctoral candidate, visiting researcher) or are students of Scandinavian Studies at a foreign university.  
Picture Dictionary   English-Swedish Picture Dictionary  
Dictionary   Tyda, a dynamic and interesting dictionary, free for everybody.  
Dictionary   Woxikon - A comprehensive portal containing translations, synonyms, verb forms, and much more. 10 European languages!  
Dictionary   The people's dictionary. This English-Swedish dictionary belongs to the people and is expanded and improved by us all.  
Another dictionary   English-Swedish-English. Another On-line Dictionary - Travlang.  
One more..   One more dictionary on line. English-Swedish-English.Freedict.  
Off-line   Dictionary to some languages that you can download and use off-line. For free!  
genealogy   Relatives in Sweden? English-Swedish dictionary for genealogy research  
Translation   Cucumis is a web-site where you can submit texts to be translated by the community. And help others.  
Translator   Here you might find a person who can help you translate a bit longer text.Free.  
Swenglish   Anglicisms are Swedish words or phrases influenced by English words or grammar in an incorrect way. Here you can learn about some frequent faults. But in Swedish.  
Automatic translation   Google translate is often quite good. The site now provides 100 different languages. Translates a word, text or entire site. And even listen to it.  
Swedish alphabet   Swedish language, alphabet and pronunciation. Omniglot.  
Alphabet   How do you pronounce the Swedish letters and sounds? Listen here. It gives you a pretty good idea about it even if it's not 100% perfectly pronounced (e.g. "U" is too much alike "Y")  
Tutorials   Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar with Mp3s  
Games   Some small games to help you learn some basic words.  
Hear and learn   Hear and learn useful expressions with small animations.  
Flex course   Safir - A very nice little course for beginners offered by CFL, The Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning. CFL doesn't exist anymore however but the cours is still on the web.  
Learn   Learning Swedish is a free online course in Swedish for beginners. The course gives basic spoken and written knowledge of the Swedish language, as well as insights into Swedish culture and society. This website is administered by the Swedish Institute. It's a joint project between universities and university teachers in Sweden and abroad. Have a look at the introduction video!  
GoSwedish   A sweet sounding woman teaches Swedish to you (even on phone).  
Speak Swedish   Speak Swedish! wants to offer a wide range of materials to help you learn Swedish. Pick up some basic phrases or expand your vocabulary – many more features coming soon.  
Babbel   Learn Swedish with Babbel on line.  
book2   Books in 2 languages by the Goethe publishing house provides with this course.  
Course   Björn Engdahl's Swedish course  
Grammar   Swedish: An essential grammar provides a fresh and accessible description of the language. It is suitable for independent study or for class-based tuition. Just navigate through the Chinese and you'll find it.  
Grammar II   And another course. Swedish Grammar  
Verbs   Conjugate a Swedish verb on line (But strange Conjunctive in present tense)  
Simple Swedish   Swedish is quite simple, if you really try ...;-)  
For fun   Hear and learn useful words. From a Swedish comedy series.  
Nonsense   "Crash course in Mastering Swedish". A poor English speaking guy tries to pronounce weird Swedish sentences. Fun if you are in the right mood.
Shoulder pad   Learn Swedish with Vancouver Canucks Alex Edler! Learn how to spell and pronounce "shoulder pad" in Swedish.
5 quizzes   Swedish-English Vocabulary quizzes to test your knowledge.  
Tests   Proficiency tests. An opportunity for you to test your proficiency level in Swedish, Transparent Language.  
200 tests   200 tests Swedish-English by the Goethe publishing house.  
Freeware   Some freeware that may be handy learning Swedish.  
1 000 lessons   How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons - Francis Strand is a 50-year-old American magazine editor living in Stockholm writing a diary about the hard way to learn Swedish.
Learning Swedish   Blog/community on learning Swedish  
Blog posts   Blog posts on language and culture of the Swedish-speaking world  
Expats   Expat community in Sweden .  
American   American Club of Sweden  
Exchange   Learn to Speak Swedish! Language Exchange via Email, Text Chat and Voice Chat.  
virtual keyboard   This site enables you to write in your language, e.g. Swedish, wherever you are in the world, with an online onscreen keyboard emulator.  
Convert units   Interactive Units Converter. Calculators for many measurement systems both commonly used like metric and U.S. Avoirdupois and quite exotic like Ancient Greek and Roman. U.S. to metric conversion is now easy and fast!  

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